Wooden Stairs Sanding

A wooden stairs and staircase can be a central point of your home and you want to look as natural and attractive as possible.Kildare Floor Sanding can provide you with an array of colour and options to get the perfect look for your home. Give us a cal today to discuss it further.

Experience Matters

Wooden Stairs can often be neglected over time but with abit of effort, the a well stained wooden stairs can really brighten up your home and add value. Over the passt number of years, we have completed many sstair sanding projects. Check out our gallery and contact us today for a free quote.

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Sanding Company Kildare

Kildare Floor Sanding are an experienced company with over 2 decades sanding experience. Contact our expert team today for a free quote.

Commercial Sanding

Kildare Floor Sanding have undertaken a wide range of commercial sanding projects in Kildare an beyond from offices to sports halls to hotels. Get in touch for an expert quote today.

Residential Floor Sanding

Residential Floor Sanding projects are second nature to Kildare Floor Sanding and our dust free sanding methods guarantee an excellent finish to your floor. Get in touch today for a free quote.