Successful construction and renovation work often depends on scaffolding to safely reach and work on higher levels of a building. It creates a platform around the building so that workers can access rooftops etc. with ease. It is vital to choose the right equipment for the job and scaffolding is no exception. The information below tells you some of the main factors you need to consider to help you choose the right scaffolding for your job.

Which Type of scaffolding?

There are three kinds of scaffolding to choose from depending on the type of work you are planning to do. If you understand the different characteristics of each you will be more able to make the right choice.

  • Supported Platform: This is the most common type. It is made of a framework of poles and frames which hold up the working platforms. These can be made of either wood or metal
  • Suspended Scaffolding: With this type of scaffolding, the platforms are suspended as the name suggests and held in place by ropes attached to the roof. Again the platforms can be wood or metal
  • Adjustable Scaffolding: This is the most versatile as it allows the platforms to be raised or lowered as needed using mechanical devices such as pulleys.

Of course, one type is not better or worse than another. It all depends on the nature of the work to be done.

Keeping Safe

All material and equipment used to construct the scaffolding must be of good quality and meet all the relevant regulations and safety standards. As well as the basic framework and platforms there are some extras that should be included in the construction of the scaffolding to ensure the working environment is as safe as possible. Safety guardrails and non-slip surfaces will reduce the risk of accidents. Also, be sure that the platforms you choose have been designed for use in scaffolding. Safety, of course, begins on the ground. So before you even start the job make sure that everyone involved has read the instructions and other relevant information. It doesn’t matter how safe the equipment is if it is not installed properly. So always ensure that you only allow suitably trained workers to install it.

Understand your requirements

The right choice of scaffolding is essential to doing the job properly. Things you might want to take into account when deciding include:

  • Type of building – are you going to be working on the roof or the exterior of the building? These have different requirements so different types of scaffolding should be used for each
  • Weight Bearing – How much weight will the scaffolding need to hold? Take into account the weight of the workers and any equipment that will be used on the platforms.
  • Static or mobile – Will you need to move the scaffolding from place to place around the building or worksite? This is another factor which will influence your choice of scaffolding.

Choose a reputable scaffolding company

If you don’t already know of a suitable company ask around and get recommendations from others who have done similar types of work. And don’t be afraid to ask scaffolding companies for more information to help you make your decision

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